Virtue and Knowledge

    Our Virtue and Knowledge model emphasises the development of pupils’ character strengths alongside rigorous academic study.

    Inspired by what the best primary schools do and extensively tested with educators, academics, parents and others, our curriculum will equip pupils with:

    • Core skills: developing literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills enables pupils to access the entire curriculum.
    • Cultural knowledge: discrete subject-based study allows pupils to deepen their understanding and engagement with the world.
    • Curiosity: giving pupils the chance to inquire, think for themselves, problem solve and apply their skills and knowledge in open-ended projects.
    • Character: developing character strengths and virtues supports pupils’ personal growth and helps them achieve sustained wellbeing.

    To support the delivery of our curriculum we have designed two further programmes:

    • Teacher Flourishing – The staff in Floreat schools comprise one professional community of teachers. Floreat teachers are passionate, life-long learners. They are given rich opportunities for continual professional development and personal growth. 
    • Family Flourishing - Floreat families are curious and adventurous. Floreat teachers and leaders seek out every opportunity to enrich family life through meaningful home-school programmes and family learning events. 


    E.D. Hirsch on the importance of a Knowledge curriculum